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The carpenters at Wood Made Illinois provide creative services
to the homes and businesses of Central Illinois.

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We Believe Your home should look and feel Incredible

We are not the carpenters to build your walls, we are design consultants, space makers and fit and finish specialists.  Our eye for design brings warmth, style, utility and function to your kitchen, office, bedroom, living room, garage, bathroom, basement and mancave

Illinois Pallet Wood Wall Maker Installer Project Builder

Pallet Wall Accents

We have a stock of pallet wood ready to install with a projectd starting price of $500.  The warmth and unique texture make a former wall a conversation piece.  We meet your desire for style with upgrades like:

  • solid wood backing
  • stained colors (darker and white)
  • uniform sizing
  • shelving
  • built in lighting
rustic barn door media center cover

Home Office Renovation

Working from home now?

Home schooling from Corona?

Creating an ergonomic space, creating a space you feel great spending all those working hours in, creating a video meeting background.



peoria IL home office custom built affordable desk made from plywood

Built In - Built to Order

We have a full shop ready to fabricate your space saving, storage creating, or design elevating ideas!

Full CNC for complex shapes or minimal budgets.  Give us your number and we’ll tell you what materials we can get it done with.  Have us coordinate design and fabrication for high end results between an Ikea and Trailerpark budget.

Our Story

We are a group of creative carpenters sharing our love for making with your desire for a functional style that is all your own.  We have a combined 100 years of building experience to draw on for creative solutions for your space.  We provide a marketing outlet for smaller projects outside the norm of full-scale construction or building trades – and portray options for something other than ‘big box’ premade solutions for storage, closets, wardrobes, tables, desks, and storage.  We started our design exprience fabricating and installing complex kitchens so we understand the central nature of organization, with a sprinke of style on top.  Trust us to hit your budget and deliver solutions that bring materials and design to life.

Fresh Look & Feel

We are ready to setup your interior for a fresh look and feel.  We specialize in utilizing affordable materials to re-fashion a space adding functional elements like shelves, desks, plant holders.  From there we go to lighting,  recessed and under shelf or industrial mixed use for the final touches that bring a whole room together.

Contact us for a basic installation at 708.669.9039

Less than 7 day turnaround!

We are setup for a quick delivery and installation! If you have a specific look or use for your space call us for a full design consultation immediately and we’ll get you quoted and scheduled for a quick turnaround.

Great Design

We are the guys who can fabricate and install the look you found in the magazine – pinterest or your own dreams.  If you’re looking to gain a homeschool room for Covid releaf, give your teenager a memorable space they’ll be motivated to clean, or mancave out your basement or garage.  We can work in lighting Audio and Visual elements in affordable room build outs.  

Affordable Eclectic

Coffee Bean

ready to make

affordable carpenter peoria IL

Easy Pricing

Coffee Bean

Quick Turnaround

We are quick to respond to messages, quick to get your site surveyed and the previsualization or deisgn approved.  We focus on effecient small projects so there is no big wait for your design to become reality.

Illinois Pallet Wood Wall Maker Installer Project Builder

Latest Project REports from PEORIA

Decks – Pergolas – Carports and Creative Interiors.  We specialize in small projects that have a big aesthetic impact.

trusted local carpentry experts

Craftsmanship meets creativity from the finish carpenters here. Today, we are thrilled to share a glimpse into our recent carpentry projects, highlighting the dedication and skill that goes into every piece we create. As your trusted local carpentry experts serving...

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Pocket & Barn Door Installer

In Peoria, Illinois, a city known for its rich history and architectural diversity, homeowners are increasingly exploring innovative ways to enhance their living spaces. Pocket doors and barn door style roller doors have emerged as popular choices, offering both...

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Pocket Door Hanging Carpenter Peoria IL

Pocket Door Hanging Carpenter Peoria IL

Neil, a seasoned builder at Wood Made Illinois in Peoria, IL, emphasizes the importance of precision in installing pocket doors. These doors, which conveniently slide out of sight, are ideal for Peoria homes where traditional swinging doors are impractical due to...

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Backyard Shelter Builder

Backyard Shelter Builder

If you are looking to expand the four season usability of your back yard space, let us give you some design options and build a beautiful addition to your back yard.  In this particular job, the client wanted a 4 season cover for their hot tub, and looked at a Lowes...

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Rustic Media Center cover with Barn Doors

Rustic Media Center cover with Barn Doors

Media Center Cover Built with Barn Doors If you're looking to make over a room, barn door covers for your media center are a clever way to change the focal point of a room, without tear out or rearranging anything.  We can accent corners or overhands with barnwood to...

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Barn Door INstaller Peoria

Barn Door INstaller Peoria

Click to Call: (309) 472-7878‬Door Installer Peoria IL If you're looking through Home Depot or Menards and seeing the space saving results a 'barn door' can do for your room, give us a call to install it for you and have your project done in a day! Traditionally,...

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